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Damhin ang Wellness Like Never Before gamit ang MAIKONG's Colon Hydrotherapy Machine sa Germany

The Dawn of a New Era in Colon Health

Welcome to a groundbreaking approach to wellness! MAIKONG’s Colon Hydrotherapy Machine is here to revolutionize your health journey. It’s not just a machine; it’s a gateway to a rejuvenated, healthier you.


Why Colon Hydrotherapy?

Ever wondered why colon health is pivotal? It’s the cornerstone of detoxification and digestive efficiency. And with MAIKONG, you’re getting the best.

Introducing MAIKONG’s Colon Hydrotherapy Machine

  • Features: Advanced detoxification, weight loss support
  • Warranty: 1 Year of assurance
  • Innovation at Its Core: Combining ABS & Stainless Steel for durability


Unmatched Quality from MAIKONG

Key Attributes

Feature Description
Industry Type Wellness and Health
Functionality Colon Care, Detox, Pagbaba ng timbang
Material Premium ABS and Stainless Steel
Safety Waterproof, CE Certified
Voltage Versatile 110V-240V compatibility

Other Notable Attributes

  • Model Number: MK8864
  • Type: Standingeasy and convenient
  • Plugs: Diverse types including CN, EU, US, UK, and more

Packaging and DeliveryThe MAIKONG Promise

Packaging Details

  • Safety First: Export-grade carton with foam, optional wood or Honeycomb carton
  • Port of Dispatch: Guangzhouensuring global reach

Delivery and Supply Ability

  • Sets per Month: Up to 300
  • Lead Time: Just 15 days for orders up to 5 units

CustomizationTailored to Your Needs

  • Logo: Make it yours with a customized logo
  • Packaging: Choose your style with customized packaging
  • Graphic Customization: Personalize further with unique graphics

Why Choose MAIKONG’s Hydrotherapy Machine?

Our machine is not just about colon cleansing. It’s about elevating your entire wellness experience. With features tailored for maximum efficiency and safety, MAIKONG stands out as a leader in health technology.

How to Get Started?

Becoming a distributor of MAIKONG’s innovative machines is straightforward. Join our growing global network and bring this health revolution to your region.


  1. What makes MAIKONG’s machine unique in the market? Its combination of advanced technology, customizable options, and robust build sets it apart.
  2. How can I become a distributor of MAIKONG in Germany? Simply reach out to us, and we’ll guide you through the seamless process.
  3. Is there support available for new users? Absolutely! We provide comprehensive guidance and customer support for all our clients.

Sale Cousultant : Mrs Lucy
Sales Consultant : Mr Mark

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